Marmara Project

Infinity pool with volcanic stone


Pool coated with volcanic stone.

This is one of the most unusual projects we have carried out.  The pool faithfully reflects the top quality designs and finishes of the mansion.

Although at first sight its rectangular form seems nothing special, once you see the coating of volcanic lava and its perimeter overflow with channel hidden below Marmara white marble, you get an idea of the exclusivity of this project.

It goes without saying that another significant element of this pool is its lateral infinity effect, with a drop of 6 metres.  The infinity pool is at its most impressive when seen from the lower garden.  A wall totally covered in the same volcanic stone as the swimming pool, with a continuous waterfall, provides the gentle, soothing sound of water which blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings of the mansion.


La Zagaleta, Marbella, Málaga