The use of fibre optics for swimming pool lighting is the latest twist in a sector that is constantly innovating and pushing the limits of imagination. If you thought that overflowing pools were the latest revolution in the industry, we encourage you to discover with us the latest technological advances to make your pool’s aesthetics breathtaking.

And we are not just talking about installing LED lights in a pool, but the use of this technology allows us to create spaces with a visual level never before seen. Fibre optics means that the lighting for a pool is much richer and more detailed than traditional lighting systems. We can simulate a starry sky under water or get the light to accentuate or diffuse the shapes of the pool itself.


Proyecto Platinum de GodoPools con fibra óptica lineal

Platinum Godopools Project with fibre optic lighting


The boom in fibre optic lighting also has a very important green component, as not only is a very low energy consumption light source, but it is also great for safety because it does not produce electric shocks under water and does not burn if you touch the light source that covers the fibre.


Lighting technology through fibre optics


Pool lighting is evolving by leaps and bounds precisely because of the adoption of advanced systems like this one. LED pool lights consume up to 80-90% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb, which translates into much lower energy bills and the peace of mind that we’re helping to reduce the human footprint on the environment and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

piscina de diseño

Led lighting at an exclusive pool


Another important part that explains the success of fiber optics for pool lighting is that the life of the fiber optic is much longer than that of traditional bulbs. We are talking about more than 50,000 hours of useful life compared to 2,000 or 3,000, figures that encourage us to enjoy the lighting of our pool without having to worry about repairs or excessive energy consumption.

The secret of the low energy consumption of the fibre is that the light that is transported from the generator to the point of emission does not lose power and there is a type that can even get wet because it is covered with an opaque cover.

The best choice for lighting your pool


diseño exclusivo de piscinas

Optic fibre for pools


If you are planning to install LED spotlights in a swimming pool and you are doubting about the type of lighting you want, you only have to ask 3 essential questions:

Energy consumption: Which system uses less energy? Do I want to reflect the philosophy of respect for the environment in my home?

Safety: The number one priority for both parents and anyone who wants their pool to be a place to rest and not a place to be on alert.

Durability and lifespan: Reducing energy consumption is only the first step because there are systems that require constant replacement of accessories (bulbs and wiring, something that does not happen when we talk about LED lights and the latest generation of fibre optics).

Fiber optics for pool lighting meets these 3 requirements but also provides much more. It gives you the freedom to achieve a unique design and spaces full of magic where the atmosphere invites you to dive into the pool or spend hours relaxing reading next to it.

Getting the right pool lighting is not complicated and with the existing technology we have within reach to achieve a wonderful space that goes far beyond offering an alternative to high temperatures and can become the star of your home.

Over the last few years we have seen how overflowing pools helped us achieve aesthetic effects far superior to those of traditional pools. Now with the LED pool lights we will multiply by 10 the effect of this type of infinity pools making them a cause for amazement when your guests see them for the first time.

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