Can we choose what color will have our pool water?

The truth is that by choosing one or the other coating, you will determine, indirectly, what color your pool water will look like. But first, you must take into account that there are other factors that will influence our perception.

How to choose pool's water color

Hydrazzo Marbella Project by GodoPools

Water color

The water, if we look at it in a glass, is really transparent. However, sometimes we tend to think that the water is blue because it reflects the sky. Do you know what that effect is due to?

We explain it to you! The blue color of the water is due to a phenomenon calledRayleigh scattering“. Without going into technical terms, you should know that this effect consists in the fact that, since water absorbs more easily frequencies of long wavelength (reddish, yellow and orange tones) than those of short wave (blue tones), consequently the lengths of unabsorbed waves bounce off and are then picked up by our eyes. That is the reason why for our eyes the perceived tone will be blue.

What color will have my pool's water?



The aforementioned “Rayleigh scattering” effect is intensified as we increase the amount of water in the pool. Thus, in deep pools the water will tend to look darker blue. And, conversely, in pools with a depth shorter than 50 cm. this effect loses intensity and that is why we will see the water more transparent.




The light received by the pool will also affect the perceived tone in its waters. Those pools that, due to their location, receive more direct sunlight will be perceived with clearer water. Similarly, if the pool was located in a shady area, we would see darker its waters.

On the other hand, when we talk about light, we also refer to the pool lighting in an artificial way. In fact, a correct choice of LED spotlights will determine how we will see the pool water color at night and even achieve spectacular effects.

Pool's water color with LED lighting

Platinum Project by GodoPools



Environment and season

It is also very important to take into account the environment that will surround the pool since, if the pool is surrounded by vegetation, its waters will tend to look greener. The opposite would happen if the pool was in a wide area, away from vegetation and from the property. In that case we would perceive pool water colors in more bluish tones.

The same happens with the seasons of the year. The pool water will tend to be clearer in the months when it receives most of the sun, such as spring or summer, although this will depend on the geographical area and the climate of the place.


Effects of natural stone on pool water color

Despite all these factors that will affect how we perceive the water color, there is no doubt that the choice of the type of swimming pool tiling will always be very important to nuance the shades of blue and achieve surprising effects and tones.

Below we show you how our natural stone tiling work in combination with water.


Dark Grey

This natural stone in combination with water offers blue tones, similar to those of the Mediterranean Sea.

Efecto con piedra Dark Grey. Color del agua de la piscina


Dark Green

This greyish stone gives the pool water a light blue hue with a metallic effect. Stunning!

Color of pool's water with dark green lining


Carrara Marble

Carrara white marble with light gray veining is ideal if you want to have a white pool with a transparent water tone, almost as if it was a sky blue color. The result is a pool with a refreshing water tone that invites bathing.

Pool's water color with carrara marble natural stone

Los Monteros Project by GodoPools



Volcanic Grey

Another option is the grey volcanic stone tiling, which gives the water a light blue color, similar to that of the Dark Green stone but in a more continuous way. The result could not be more elegant.

Pool tiling in natural stone


Green Limestone

If you wish to obtain a greenish metallic pool color, you will love this natural stone. Its effect is amazing!

Choosing the pool's water color

Serbales Project by GodoPools



Quartz Stone

At GodoPools quartz is one of our favorite stones. It provides a beautiful metallic tone to the water with a multitude of contrasts and colors that vary depending on the light.

Pool's water color with quartz stone

Marmara Project by GodoPools


How to choose the right coating?

The best option will always be to see images of dream swimming pools to get inspired  and to help you to decide what shade you would like to achieve in your pool.

Remember that, although natural stone is the most booming trend when it comes to swimming pool lining, there are always other options if you cannot find the desired shade.

Cómo elegir el color del agua de mi piscina


On the other hand, it is important to note that the effect achieved will depend not only on the chosen lining but also on the design chosen for the project. Both factors go hand in hand and both a quality coating with a bad design and a bad coating with a beautiful design will be a way to ruin the project.

At GodoPools we only make swimming pools designs that stand out not only for their avant-garde aesthetics but also that meet our high levels of quality. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to advise you.


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