Adding an outdoor hydromassage module is the dream of many people who have a pool at home and want to enjoy the benefits of hydromassage without going to a spa or health resort. We have become accustomed to using every space in our house regardless of the climate or temperature, but the outdoor pool area has always been a place reserved for the summer months, a limitation that disappears thanks to the whirlpool.


The problem with swimming pools is that they are normally designed for physical activity and sport, without taking into account the large number of people who simply use them for a moment of relaxation that does not involve any physical effort. A therapeutic hydromassage is 100% designed to reduce stress, muscle tension and fatigue thanks to the combined action of the hydromassage and the hydrotherapy itself. 


When designing a hydromassage jacuzzi it is important to know elements such as the distribution of the wellness space, the client’s vision of the project and the correct installation of the jets to achieve the desired effect. In addition, it is also possible to adjust the ergonomic modules and the hydromassage jets in a personalized way to enhance one effect or another depending on the benefits we are looking for.


Thanks to 3D design, you can create your own unique outdoor hydromassage, exclusively designed to your liking. If you add to this the medical and technological advances that help you to make the most of whirlpool jets and ergonomic seats, the result will be the jacuzzi you’ve always wanted.


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Hidromassage ergonomic seats integrated at Proyecto Serbales

Benefits of a whirlpool bath


An outdoor hydromassage has the particularity that it allows us to enjoy the environment in a way that an ordinary pool cannot due to its thermal limitations. Have you never dreamt of relaxing with a therapeutic hydromassage under a starry sky?


When talking about the benefits of hydromassage, the first thing we have to point out is actually one of the most important one and that many people overlook: the hydromassage has the capacity to help you sleep better. It has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep thanks to the water, the heat and the stimulation of the jets.


In addition to this, it has been proven that pathologies such as arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel or postural back pain are relieved by using a whirlpool bath. It also reduces blood pressure and promotes a higher flow of oxygen in the blood, which lowers blood pressure and heart rate.


And if reducing stress, anxiety, eliminating insomnia and reducing back or joint pain wasn’t enough, studies show that hot tub baths (at least 30 minutes) help lower blood glucose levels, something especially helpful for people with diabetes.

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Relaxing spa project La Donaira

Whirlpool and spa in your garden: a synonym of relaxation


To design the perfect outdoor hydromassage, the first thing we have to do is to include ergonomic seats in the design. Because one of the most repeated mistakes among people who install a whirlpool is that they do not pay attention to the seats, and in the end, their whirlpool feels uncomfortable and they stop using it not long after.


Ergonomic seats allow us to have a better posture, which translates into greater muscle relaxation and correct bone alignment, two problems that can often cause cervical and back pain, which could be avoided by combining the benefits of the hydromassage with postural awareness.


Having an hydromassage in a garden means we can enjoy the outside of our home even in winter, when temperatures are on the chilly side. Something that, added to the personalized design of the modules, will make the experience of enjoying an outdoor hydromassage even better than expected.


The health benefits of a hydromassage are many and, on an aesthetic level, it elevates the space in which we have our pool to the category of a wellness spa. 

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