Cortesín Project

Natural stone pool with automated system


Pool lined with natural stone

Cortesín Project stands out particularly due to the combination of natural materials for its lining and the implementation of the latest technologies in pool management.

It is remarkable the modern and linear design of the pool, lined with Black Villar natural stone. Thus, it was given a Mediterranean blue colour to its water.

With the purpose of unifying the minimalist finish of the project, it was also used natural stone to line both the terrace and the platforms and water steps. In this occasion, the chosen stone was the limestone Grey Osiris.

Following with the functional design, the pool also has a hidden perimeter overflow and small LEDs of high brightness and stainless steal finish.

 The distinctive touch is given by the decorative fountain and its 3 small geysers, that are integrated in a pool side.

Even though the project stands out for its avant-garde design, it could not be considered a really comprehensive project unless it had installed the latest technologies in pool: both the eco-friendly treatment of water and the pool automated system.

Regarding the water treatment, this pool works with the equipments of Pure Pool Technology. This system combines the UV technology, nano crystals and hydroxyl radicals to obtain 100% pure water and totally free of chlorine, salt and chemicals. The result is 100% eco water, without a trace of viruses or bacteria.

On the other hand, it was installed the automated system Pool Tech Connection, which is able to control remotely all pool parameters through our app.

In other words, Cortesín Project joins in a perfect way a fine design and the latest technology advances, turning this way into a reference project within its sector.


Finca Cortesín, Marbella, provincia de Málaga