Bisazza Cobalto Project

Pool with Bisazza finish


Infinity pool with Bisazza finish.

A swimming pool is not only for cooling down on a hot summer’s day, but should also be in keeping with its surroundings, particularly when it has a country setting with outstanding views such as those enjoyed by the residential complex La Zagaleta, Marbella. These surroundings, combined with the infinity effect of this pool, give the views a dream-like quality.

The ivory cream marble steps leading into the water are illuminated with Design model RGB stainless steel LED lighting. In the deeper waters, three windows provide views over the spa situated below the pool.

Another way to enjoy the perfection of this construction is to feast your eyes on the 20×20 Bisazza mosaics of blue cobalt with copper glints, which give the pool its unique finish. The tesserae are grouted with a bronze-coloured resin which, combined with the bronze Greek border, creates a beautiful spectacle of natural reflections.


La Zagaleta, Marbella, Málaga