Fleurac Spa Wellness Project

Spa Wellness


Luxury Spa

In this project, the interior of a majestic chateau located in the region of Fleurac, France, is chosen as the setting. Its surroundings make it a dream refuge where you can immerse your body and soul in a thousand sensations. The luxury and splendor of its spa, perfectly combine an exclusive design with the benefits of thalassotherapy.

The personality of a pool begins with the mosaic lining, in this case 10x10mm Sicis brand, and it is extended with white Thassos marble on the countertop and steps. The complements are a science and is that the where and how to locate the waterfall, the jet of water and jets of swimming against the current, mark the difference between the reality of today and the dreams of tomorrow.

After the bath, or while we are in it, the illumination on the floor of the pool using fiber optic with colored dots and the white light LEDs in stainless steel model design in pool and massage areas, mark the paradise to the senses .


Fleurac, France