Hydrazzo Marbella Project

Natural pool with beach entrance


Swimming pool in the form of a lake.

This is one of our most exotic projects with a paradisiacal setting. The pool has a perimeter overflow and beach-like entrance, i.e. you walk into the pool down a slope of around 12%, from 0m to a depth of 1.7m. One of the attractions of this pool, and what makes it exclusive, is its finish, which is a continuous mortar coating exclusively used in pools, of the HYDRAZZO brand. This coating consists of a dual component mortar with polished glossy white and blue quartz stones.

The effect obtained with this material is of a hand-sculpted marble pool… the result is spectacular! The surround is laid with flamed-finish white marble from Carrara, in 0.80m x 0.60m format.

The jets and pool accessories are made from white PVC. The lighting used is low energy cold white LED spotlights.


Marbella, Málaga