La Donaira Project

Luxury Eco Spa


Luxury Spa.

This luxurious, but rural, spa is a clear example that water is something more than a source of health. Water provides comfort, well-being and design. It is situated in the heart of the Ronda mountains, an unparalleled and incredible natural setting.

Of particular note in this attractive spa are the pool finish with SICIS green mosaics, the anthracite coloured stucco on all its walls, the perimeter overflow pool and finish in black pebble-dash.

A wellness zone with water is the key element in this project. There is a massage zone with revolving jets of varying power, as well as air jets inside the pool. There is also a water curtain for cervical massage.

In the heated wellness zone is a totally artisanal wood-fired sauna, finished with natural stone and Canadian red cedar wood. There is also a steam room with natural fragrances finished in SICIS anthracite coloured mosaics. To complete the wellness circuit, there is naturally a crushed ice tub and cold water pool.


Ronda, Málaga