The type of pool lining is a step that everyone has in mind before starting to design a dream pool project. Whether it is because we have the idea of achieving an original design, we have seen a pool that we have liked during an exotic trip or simply because the visual aspect is what catches our attention, we all think about the coating from the beginning.

But there is another type of covering that is just as important and that is not so much talked about: the covering of the terrace. The swimming pool lining is important, but if we do not choose an aesthetically compatible terrace lining we can make a design mistake that can ruin our plans to achieve a spectacular swimming pool.


natural stone

Project Leala from Godopools


The latest trends in pool design highlight the infinity effect, continuous lining and even the possibility of creating a pool that looks like a natural beach. All these options, which are the latest trend in luxury pool design, are out of the ordinary and require more effort when designing the swimming space in and around the pool.

Choose the same lining material for your pool and terrace

When designing a luxury pool, many different aspects have to be taken into account to ensure that the result lives up to expectations. We are talking about the right choice of plants that decorate the surroundings of the swimming area, the furniture, the lighting that surrounds the pool and, of course, the covering of the terrace that must be in harmony with that of the pool itself.

If we use a type of mosaic with a certain colour to achieve an effect that makes a visual impact when looking at our pool, we have to choose a terrace linning in a colour and a material that does not generate the opposite effect to the result we want to achieve.


pool linning

Orchis- Fleurac Project from Godopools

The trend that brings elegance to your pool

One of the trends that bring elegance to your pool and are a classic that never goes out of fashion is the use of classic materials such as white Marrara marble or volcanic lava stone. A material that we have seen in the Marmara Project and that perfectly represents

The Marmara Project (Marbella) consists of an infinity pool that a 6-metre drop covered by volcanic stone. The perimeter of the pool is covered with white Marmara marble and is accompanied by a lower garden that gives the final touch to a spectacular bathroom space that enhances the elegance of the mansion in which it is located.


volcanic stone

Lateral wall of the infinity pool covered with volcanic stone. Marmara Project from Godopools

What kind of coverings do you take with you when you build your pool?

The covering of the garden and the terrace must reflect the image of the rest of the house and enhance the pool space in a harmonious way. It is not enough to use fine woods or add exotic plants, you have to take care of every element and detail so that the result is above even the most demanding expectations.

The current trend in pool coverings tells us that the use of natural stones, mosaic and continuous lining are the best options to achieve a luxury pool with a timeless and unique design. Just as in ancient Greece, the use of marble and natural stones was synonymous with quality, elegance and good taste, so today the effect created by this type of material has endured over time.


natural stone for pools

Gardenia Project from Godopools. Space completely covered with natural stone.


If we talk about tonalities for the covering of a luxury pool, one of the best options is the natural colour of carrara white, capri white, osona green or the continuous white or natural white beach covering, which simulates the effect of a natural beach.

Thanks to personalised advice and a wide catalogue of materials and colours, Godopools will find the combination that will raise the level of the pool you have always wanted, so that it becomes the preferred space in your home.

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