If you have in mind to build a private pool on your property or you are an architect or builder and you like to be aware of the latest trends in swimming pools to be able to offer your clients the best, is this post we reveal the trend in swimming pools that is causing all the rage: the natural stone coping for swimming pools.

Far from being a passing fad, natural stone for pools has become the star lining of design pools, thus marking a distance with other options, such as porcelain stoneware or mosaic.

Natural stone for swimming pools: the most trendy 14 coping stones

In natural stone, as in artificial coatings, there are a large number of tones, textures, finishes and formats.

Many times customers do not choose a natural stone because they are unaware that there are so many varieties on the market. That is why in this post we want to show you the 14 most beautiful natural stones to cover your pool.

And remember! The choice of one or another natural stone will determine the pool water color, did you know?

In this post we told you 👉🏼 How to choose the color of my pool water? 


1.- Limestone: Beige Palancar tone

Limestone for swimming pools has a sandy beige tone and is ideal for those who dream of bathing in crystal clear waters. You can also get it in different formats, depending on the need.

Limestone tiles look great for pool flooring as it is a neutral material with a fine finishing.

Revestimiento de piedra natural para piscinas. Piedra Caliza

Cortijo Blanco Project by GodoPools


2.- Limestone: Beige Bateig tone

This pool lining has a tan beige hue and a distressed finish.

Its use is very elegant in pool and spa projects, since, although sober, it is a natural stone that easily combines with other noble materials and fabrics of all kinds (borders, patterns, bright colors, etc.).

Revestimiento de piedra natural para piscinas3.- Limestone: Grey Osiris tone

The pool coping in this natural stone also has a very attractive aged finish.

In contact with water this stone has a silver fox color. If you don’t know what shade it is, we invite you to take a look on Google because it is a very trendy color.

Piscina revestida en piedra caliza Grey Osiris

Cortesin Project by GodoPools

4.- Limestone: Green Bali shade

If we leave the beige and grayish tones and go to the more greenish natural stone tiling, the Green Bali shade is going to enchant you.

Available in different formats, the use of this coating makes the color of the water looks with a very transparent emerald tone. In fact, it is very reminiscent of the paradisiacal beaches of Bali, Seychelles or Ibiza itself.

Revestimiento de Piedra Natural para piscinas. Piedra calcarea Green Bali

5.- Limestone: Serena Green hue

This natural stone tiling with a honed finish and homogeneous color is very elegant when coping not only the pool basin, but also the edges and the crowning of the pool.

It is an ideal lining for those who are looking for a sober and elegant natural stone, but want to distinguish the beige and gray tones.

As a result, a very exotic dark green water is obtained.

Revestimiento de Piedra Natural para Piscinas. Piedra Calcarea Serena Green

6.-  Granite Stone: Oasis Green shade

It is a natural stone coping with a beautiful vein in an Atlantic green tone.

When coating the pool glass with this natural stone, a greenish-blue water with metallic sparkles is obtained, very much in trend. The water invites you to bathe and reminds you of the blue water lakes of summer days.

Revestimiento de Piedra Natural para Piscinas. Piedra Granito tono Oasis Green

7.- Marble Stone: Indian Green tone

This pool flooring is absolutely spectacular for its metallic sparkles and its emerald green color, because the color of the water with this natural stone is reminiscent of the most heavenly beaches.

If you are looking for a pool coating that is eye-catching and attractive and that, in turn, invites the bathroom, this is the best choice.

Piscina en Piedra Natural

8.- Lava Stone: Canary Lavastone shade

Going back to gray-toned pool lining, this natural stone in a mottled gray tone is the most elegant. In addition, it is an ideal flooring to combine with other noble materials, such as wood.

The result? Fine, clean and sober.

Piedra Basáltica para piscinas. GodoPools

9.- Granite Stone: Black Villar shade

This heterogeneous mix granite may appear very dark at first glance, but the truth is that, once wet, the color of the water is spectacular. You only have to see the result when coating the pool basin in the Cortesín Project by GodoPools.

On the other hand, it is a natural stone that is very easy to combine with other coatings, such as limestone.

Revestimiento de Piedra Natural para Piscinas

10.- Lava Stone: Bali Lavastone shade

This natural stone coping  has an anthracite color when wet and is very unique in pools where you want to give a touch of sophistication. On the other hand, it looks very pretty when combined with natural beige and light gray stones.

Revestimiento en piedra basáltica para piscinas. GodoPools

11.- Quartz Stone: Metallic Grey tone

We cannot deny that quartz stone is one of the most successful stones in terms of trends.

Its use to cover the pool flooring is a success, since, although at first glance it has a metallic grey color, in contact with water it turns green with bright flashes, depending on the sun’s rays.

You can see the result of this natural stone coping for pools in Marmara Project and get your own conclusions.

Revestimiento de Piedra Natural para piscinas. Cuarzita

Marmara Project with natural stone coping by GodoPools


12.- Marble Stone: Silver Grey tone

If you want to have a pool with clear blue waters without using white coating stones, this natural stone is perfect for you.

The marble stone has a very elegant and simple honed finish. Precious to use as a lining for infinity pools, since the color of the pool water blends perfectly with the sea water.

Revestimiento en Piedra Natural para piscinas. Piedra Marmorea

13.- Marble Stone: Alivey Grey shade

Would you like to have a white pool? Both this marbled stone and the next (and last in this guide) will give your pool water a very pure and clear color.

This natural stone tone, called Alivey Gray, is characterized by having a heterogeneous color of certain marbling.

It is ideal if you want the water in your pool to look very clear but you do not want a smooth tone, but with a certain game.

On the other hand, this natural stone coping is very elegant when combined with other flooring, such as white or dark grey stone.

Piedra Natural para Piscinas. GodoPools

14.- Marble Stone: Volakas White hue

As far as natural stone cladding is concerned, the purest and whitest color that exists is Volakas White. Although it has a slight gray veining, once wet it gives the water a very clear and transparent turquoise blue color, typical of any island in the Caribbean.

You can see the final result of this natural stone coping in Los Monteros Project by GodoPools.

Revestimiento de Piedra Natural para Piscinas de Diseño

Los Monteros Project by GodoPools


Conclusion: What natural stone coping should I choose for my pool?

As you may have seen, these 14 natural stone tones are currently an absolute trend when it comes to lining swimming pools and wellness areas.

Although all of them are very different from each other, they do have a series of characteristics in common and it is the use of natural stone, which in all cases offers:

  • A quality far superior to other coatings on the market
  • Very high resistance to all types of climates and water treatments
  • A very nice texture
  • Dazzling beauty

When choosing the tone, we recommend that you always see a stone sample and wet it to see the effect. In addition, our advice as experts in swimming pool design and construction is to choose a natural stone that achieves the color you want in the water and that, in addition, combines well with the aesthetics of the house, since the pool and the outdoor terraces will become  part of a whole, once completed, and must be seen in harmony.

EXTRA tip: Cleaning natural stones for swimming pools

Natural stone for swimming pools is one of the most durable and resistant coatings on the market. Given its great hardness and resistance, it is a material that does not require great care. Despite this, if you want to increase the durability of this type of coating, at GodoPools we recommend avoiding chemical water treatments, avoiding chlorine and salt, and opting for more advanced treatments such as Pure Pool Technology.

Why? Because with a pool water treatment based on the combination of 3 elements (UV technology, nanocrystals and free radicals) you will guarantee that the water remains pure, free of bacteria, viruses or microorganisms, and, in addition, you will ensure that the stone does not lose the shine that characterizes it, thus lasting unaltered for many years.

If you still do not understand how we achieve such pure water to protect natural stone, you may find  this post interesting

👉🏼 All about EcoPools: Meaning, types and advantages

Catalogue of natural stone coping for swimming pools

Still don’t know which natural stone to choose for your pool lining? Download the complete catalog with the 14 trends and analyze it at home with peace of mind 👉🏼 Natural Stone Coping for Pools

We hope we have inspired you with these 14 trends for the best design pools!

Do you want to know more about natural stone for swimming pools? Leave us a comment!




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